Tim McMenamin, Candidate for State Representative in House District 41

Sellwood, Westmoreland, Eastmoreland, Milwaukie and Oak Grove

State of OregonAs a Pharmacist and former Manager of a large Community Pharmacy, I understand our issues in health care and how to manage a business.

Like most Oregonians, I am deeply concerned about Oregon’s spending priorities. We have little to show for the alaming growth in spending. Oregon’s government has lacked accountability and transparency. Poor decisions have led to over spending and waste.

As your State Representative I will work to restore appropriate spending priorities in Salem. The Legislature has held schools and public safety hostage every time they want more revenue for non-essential programs. Spending has increased remarkably while the quality of core government services has significantly decreased. Many agencies are ineffective and inefficient with little or no legislative oversight.

As your State Representative I will work to promote job growth and long-term economic stability. I value hard work and will work to make it possible for businesses to do what they do best — create jobs and ignite the economy. Regulations should guide, not restrict, and tax policy should encourage, not discourage, entrepreneurial risk-taking and small business creation.

Thank you for your vote as together we work to increase Oregon’s vibrancy and promise for Our next generation. I grew up in Our District and I will listen to your concerns. I am The Clear Choice for Your Voice in Salem.